Chemical industry

  • chemical suction and pressure hose with UP-E inlay according to EN12115
  • stainless steel tanker-couplings
  • system Storz of stainless steel
  • composite hoses
  • stainless steel ball valves


Grain industry

  • high resistant polyurethane suction and conveying hoses
  • rubber spiral suction and conveying hoses
  • special couplings of system Perrot and Bauer with pipe socket
  • flanges


Milch- /
Milk / Food industry

  • milk handling hoses with PET or steel spiral
  • low-pressure dairy steam hoses
  • hot-water hoses for food industry
  • food couplings


Pellet transport

  • high resistant material handling polyurethane suction- and pressure hoses
  • system Storz
  • tanker-couplings
  • assembled hose connections


Silo transport

  • food hoses
  • grain and concrete conveying hoses
  • oil-, petrol and chemical resistant hoses
  • tanker-couplings
  • valves


Tanker equipment

  • oil- and petrol resistant suction and pressure hoses according to EN12115
  • tanker-couplings
  • composite hoses