Agricultural engineering



  • Nitrile flat hoses
  • PVC flat hoses
  • coupling system Perrot and Storz
  • quick coupling pipes
  • PVC suction and pressure hoses
  • hydrants connection bend



  • PVC flat hoses
  • rubber water hoses
  • nitrile flat hoses
  • sleeve gate valves and ball valves
  • system Storz,quick couplings
  • PP clamping connections


Equipment for biogas

  • PVC pressure pipes
  • PVC and PE fittings
  • sleeveball valves for gas
  • slurry suction hoses
  • rubber radiator hose according to DIN 73411-79
  • rubber water hoses


Slurry tankers

  • PVC suction and pressure hoses for slurry tankers
  • rubber spiral suction and pressure hoses
  • perfect distributors
  • system Perrot
  • MZ brass slurry thread gate valves


Equipment for sprayers

  • PVC pest control hoses 40 and 80 bar
  • PVC suction and pressure hoses
  • manometers
  • PP fittings
  • system Camlok made of polypropylen
  • hose clamps


Slurry technology

  • PVC and rubber suction and pressure hoses
  • manure drag hoses
  • system Perrot, Bauer, Storz, Italian System
  • suction quick couplers
  • perfect distributors
  • docking bell


Slurry tubing

  • high abrasion- and tension-proof flat hoses
  • nitrile flat hoses
  • system Storz
  • clamping ring
  • system Perrot
  • slurry suction and extension hoses


Agri trade

  • PVC- and rubber hoses
  • fittings made of PVC, PE, PP, stainless teel, brass, malleable cast iron
  • ball valves, diverse valves
  • quick coupling systems
  • water hoses


Barn equipment

  • PVC fittings, pressure pipes
  • ball valves
  • system Speedfit
  • PP and brass quick couplings
  • stainless steel fittings
  • quick couplings, sleeve ball valves