COBICONCRETE 85 - 50,8 x 9,6 mm / 3 m mit 3" Kupplung

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COBICONCRETE 85 - 50,8 x 9,6 mm / 3 m mit 3" Kupplung


Betonpumpenschlauch zur Förderung von Beton, Mörtel und hochabrasiven Medien. Beidseitig mit Kupplung verpresst.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Articlenumber 1340
Material internal lining NR/BR
Description Wet concrete pump hose suitable for wet concrete, mortar and high abrasive media. Complete with both sides couplings.
Regulation / Licences No
Temperature range -40°C up to +70°C
Internal lining NR/BR, black, smooth, electrical conductive
External cover special synthetic rubber, black, ozone- and weather-resistant
Colour czarny
Inlays steel braiding inlay
Structure No
Safety Bursting pressure 200 bar
Labelling No
Hose type D
Working pressure (bar) No
Dielectric strength No
Cleaning No
Abrasion of lining ca. 65 mm³ nach DIN 53516
Weigth (g/m) No

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