COBIDUST PUS - 250 mm / 10 m

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COBIDUST PUS - 250 mm / 10 m
Polyurethan-Saug- und Gebläseschlauch


Polyurethan-Saug- und Gebläseschlauch zum Absaugen von Rauch- und Laubgasen, Staub und anderen leichten Anwendungen. Sehr leichte, flexible und abriebfeste Qualität.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Articlenumber 1265
Material internal lining Polyurethan
Description Polyurethane suction and blast hose for vapours, small industrial cleaning and suction plants. Can be used as protection sleeve. Suitable for suction of smoke and deciduous gases, dust suction of dry food according to EU 10/2011. Very light, flexible and abrasion-proof quality. Resistant to mineral oils, ageing, ozone and atmospherical agents, axially compressible about 5:1. Antistatic in accordance with TRBS 2153 by grounding the spiral. Not resistant to microbes and hydrolysis.
Regulation / Licences No
Temperature range -40°C up to +90°C
Internal lining No
External cover No
Colour transparent
Inlays No
Structure Ester based polyurethane, transparent, with coppered steel wire spiral, inside and outside corrugated
Safety No
Labelling No
Hose type SD
Working pressure (bar) No
Dielectric strength No
Cleaning No
Abrasion of lining No
Weigth (g/m) No

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