Eine große Auswahl an Standarddüsen für die Kanalreinigung.

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  1. COBIBLUE 100

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    Multifunktionsdüse gegen schwere Ablagerungen
  2. Turbo-Killer mit Düse 0,55 1/4" IG MAX. 320 bar, 80 GR., 16 Liter/min.

    high pressure cleaner nozzle brass housing with coat, optimal rotational speed without braking through the water flow, with ceramic nozzle for long operating life, sealing: ceramic / ceramic / water lubrication, extreme precise full stream
  3. Schmutzkiller mit Düse 0,45 1/4" IG MAX. 220 bar, 80°, 12 Liter/min.
  4. Vario-Düse ST-59

    from point to flat stream
  5. Rohrreinigungsdüse - mit Bohrung
    3 x 0,8 mm backward
    1 x 0,8 mm forward
  6. Quattro 3-Kant-Düse
    Especial properties during extreme cleaning works, especially during compressed pipes and total obstructions. 4 previous stream possibilities and 3 feather edges allow a safety and fast remove.
  7. Rohr- und Kanaldüse - Standard
    Pipe and sewer cleaning nozzle, light model for flushing of pipes and sewers. Course-joyfully and agilely.